Payback- Chapter 3

Continued from Chapter 2... Plants grew on the roof gridded by cracks, a part of the roof had caved in. They walked over to the edge. What Meeraj, saw mesmerized him. He saw chaos, but of a beautiful myriad of colors. Great big masks hung in the air. Thousands of people on the street wearing... Continue Reading →

Payback- Chapter 2

Continued from Chapter 1... Meeraj was still pale, but the weird old man cared less. "Your hardware was successfully installed, you are healthy and almost stable. I hope you don't short circuit, fixing you is not easy" said the man. "What is this place and who are you?" asked Meeraj. "My name is Del De... Continue Reading →

Payback- Chapter 1

Everything was fuzzy and dark when Meeraj opened his eyes. A gruff voice buzzed in his ears, though it was hard to make out whether it was outside or inside his head. "Welcome," said the voice. " Angels brought you down, for their holy endeavor." His head was spinning, he fell back to sleep again.... Continue Reading →

Little Warrior

Dolo's stories of his dad were famous amongst the kids of Palawa. Mythical creatures, divine beings, powerful sages, giants, every mythical creature Dolo had ever heard of ; had a place in his stories. "My father was tricked and captured by the Panga army. I vow to bring him back" he would say. Molu his... Continue Reading →

Mad Man’s Dragon

  Long ago, the world was a very different place, surrounded by darkness; and in this darkness ruled a mighty dragon called Kuraaj. This mighty dragon liked burning anything he saw; trees, walls, stones, grass, glass, bricks, insects, leaves or absolutely anything. So, monomaniacal was his desire to burn, that he burnt down cities, towns,... Continue Reading →

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