Simplest way to Writing Success

Writing can be frightful. Dreaded by most, I too dreaded it. Fear of writing may cause you much stress, but you can break the shackles of your resistance by implementing this simple technique. This technique has often been talked about by writers. Many writers practice it, I too found it doable and implemented it. The... Continue Reading →

How to not get stuck while writing

This simple trick will get you unstuck. An idea captures your imagination, the muse strikes hard, it feels that nature itself has channeled its creativity through you. You get excited and you sit down to put that brilliant idea into a magnificent masterwork. You raise your index finger firmly place your hands beside your typing... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s Voice

No two beings are alike and so are writers. Every writer has her personality, her own thoughts and ways in which she reacts to the realities and the farces that life throws at her. It is this unique perspective—of the writer—that seeps into her writings. The resonation of individuality in the writings of a writer,... Continue Reading →

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