Why you should read Fantasy Books

One of the most successful fiction genre across the world is Fantasy. It attracts the most ardent followers, which can be told by the success of fantasy authors like J. R. R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Brandon Sanderson and J. K. Rowling. Fantasy is timeless fiction, loved by people of all ages. It gives you a... Continue Reading →

Simplest way to Writing Success

Writing can be frightful. Dreaded by most, I too dreaded it. Fear of writing may cause you much stress, but you can break the shackles of your resistance by implementing this simple technique. This technique has often been talked about by writers. Many writers practice it, I too found it doable and implemented it. The... Continue Reading →

How to not get stuck while writing

This simple trick will get you unstuck. An idea captures your imagination, the muse strikes hard, it feels that nature itself has channeled its creativity through you. You get excited and you sit down to put that brilliant idea into a magnificent masterwork. You raise your index finger firmly place your hands beside your typing... Continue Reading →

Payback- Chapter 1

Everything was fuzzy and dark when Meeraj opened his eyes. A gruff voice buzzed in his ears, though it was hard to make out whether it was outside or inside his head. "Welcome," said the voice. " Angels brought you down, for their holy endeavor." His head was spinning, he fell back to sleep again.... Continue Reading →

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers. With so many competing sources of entertainment and little attention span, it is really hard for the author to hook readers, to their words. Here's my analysis of the chapter— The boy who lived. We'll break it down, into easyly understandable chunks.ow can in these difficult times an author manage... Continue Reading →

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