When we think of the word ‘Rebel’, the image in our mind is not very positive. But not all rebels are bad, some infact shaped the world around us, for us.

A rebel should not be a voilent anarchist, rather she should democratizes the anarchy of the difference she seeks. Make this anarchy a part of the whole and fashioning a new constitution. Constitution of culture around this difference.

Being a rebel is not about your prowess at throwing Molotov Cocktail, rather it’s about breaking the conventions. Being a rebel is not about being different, but doing the task differently. It’s about carving a niche, with what you are good at, with what others can’t do as good as you. It’s about teaching, how it should be done.

Rebellion is the art of fulfilling the need of your audience by breaking the monotony of the boring. Rebel facelifts old structures.

Be a rebel, who shapes a new world.

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