A book by Seth Godin.

Illustration by A. Agastya

Seth Godin again, making marketing simple.

The book doesn’t disappoint, it explains why it is important to know the needs of the audience you seek to serve. Make a product that serves them and market to this special tribe of people that seek you out. It tells you how you must understand the story that your audience wants you to tell, also an understanding of the impact you seek from the world and trying to make it yourself.

It’s not one of those self- help books, that tell you to go all out, ship to millions and make billions. Instead, it tells you the opposite, find the smallest possible audience that cares for your work. Make a product that they need and ship it.

Seth informs about bad marketing practices, that may scale in the short run but will eventually lead to failure.

It’s a book about finding your niche and working for it. You can’t ever make a product for everyone. Increase your business with regularity and make change happen.

In all, I give the book a deserved 5 star.


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