Storytelling gets complicated when we fail to understand what will be the correct progression of events.

Shawn Coyne creator of The Story Grid methodology explain this with 5 commandments of storytelling:

Inciting incident: It is the big event that brings about the commencement of the story.

Progressive Complication: It is that moment where complications of the conflict rises for the protagonist.

Crisis: Event when no matter how indifferent protagonist is to the situation, he has to choose a way to uncomplicate his life. His dilemma will be to choose between two very different choices.

Climax: This is that moment of the story where the protagonist reacts to the choice he has made.

Resolution: This is the critical end that makes the outcome of the story unit clear.

These commandments are required to make every beat, every scene, every sequence, every part of the story effective. Having these commandments in your story will improve the overall quality of the story immensely.

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