Why are they important?

A word is a distinct unit of speech when meaningfully woven together forms a sentence. Sentences are used to communicate, they make up a language.

Words are the most powerful tools used by humans as they carry the weight to make or destroy entire civilizations. When communicated effectively they can be constructive or else destructive. Words, when spoken by Mother Teresa, brought peace and comfort to the people and the world around her and those spoken by Hitler caused the destruction of nations and the death of millions.

The ability of complex reasoning developed with the development of words. Words shape thoughts. Words evoke emotions, cause anger, cause humiliation, can comfort, depends which ones you choose.

Written words are the most powerful device by and for humanity. Written words are transmitters of knowledge. They educate, they convert thoughts into practical ideas. It is hard to imagine humans being able to do as much, without words. Had it not been for words, our knowledge would never have developed to where it is today and we would not have been at the top of the food chain.

Written words cause us to think, human take written words seriously. They are effective communicators of knowledge.

As writers, we are blessed with an opportunity, a responsibility to carry the gift of knowing forwards for a better future.

Choose your words wisely.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

—Robin Williams

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