Thinking about new article ideas, I thought why not an account of my boring working day, so here it is.

I get up at about 6:00 A.M. wash my face and brush my teeth. I can barely manage to keep my eyes open in those early hours, but I switch on my computer. While the loading icon rolls, my resistance takes the front stage and I start checking my Instagram, after 5 minutes insta-surfing and realize I have a task in hand, I throw the mobile aside and start typing a new article. Every morning, my fingers feel heavier than the night before. I type at an incredible speed of like 6 words per minute. I take about 30 minutes to type just about 200 words, which easily is the Guinness World Record for slow typing. I don’t think I am gaining much from the little I get on the page, but writing early morning gets me into the writing mode for the whole day. Besides any type of progress, is progress.

Next, I prepare the morning tea and my coffee shake. After having tea with my wife, I have a bath, while she prepares breakfast and lunch for me. I have breakfast, keep lunch in my bag and gulp down my coffee shake(can’t live without it), hug my wife and am off for my long journey to work.

After a short ride on an e-rickshaw, I am at the station boarding a metro—what will I ever do without the metro. I find a suitable spot, I make sure no one peeks into my mobile, while I write. It’s my fear, that people might peek and giggle at the poor writing skills, ill-formed sentences and misspelled words. Having a safe spot secured, I start writing. It is a good one hour fifteen minutes of writing time. I am fully awake by now and writing is not as record-breaking as in the morning. Then it’s time to deboard.

My workplace is fifteen minute’s walk from the station. Then it is eight hours of making concept illustrations, meetings, eating, bantering and I even manage time to make an illustration for my article during breaks.

At the day’s end, I am back to the metro to take a ride back home. During this ride back home I edit the article I wrote, I  also write for my fantasy novel and I read for about 30 minutes, I wish I could add some more reading time to my schedule.

By 8:30, I am back home. Hugs and kisses ensue and we go to the gym. We work out for about an hour. Once back home we eat our low carb food.

I edit for the last time and post the article. Finally comes a good night’s sleep. My schedule might vary a little bit, but for most parts, it remains the same. Until the time for a change comes.

If I have not bored you dead, then let me know how your writing day goes? How you manage your writing schedule?

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