A methodology that will change the way you see fiction.

I started writing the first draft of my debut fantasy novel and quickly realized that the craft of novel writing was far beyond my capabilities. The sheer task of integrating everything into a story, character, scenes, plots, subplots, etc. was to humungous. I suppose no first-time novelist finds it easy. Something had to be done, I wanted to write that novel, so I started finding resource online that would make writing and planning a novel easier for me.

There were plenty of good resources which touched upon the topic of writing, but none was good enough for my purpose— to make a story that resonates, finds a readership. I found blogs and podcasts that gave tips and tricks to the trade, but a good novel is far more than that. After months of searching online and devouring podcasts after podcasts, I finally stumbled upon the StoryGrid podcast.

Here was something that was by no means easy, but it struck a chord. Tim Grahl, a famous book marketer and bestselling author of non-fiction novels ventures on his first-ever fiction book project and Shawn is his mentor. Shawn is the creator of StoryGrid methodology. What’s interesting about this podcast is that Tim faces real issues, that a first-time writer would face and Shawn sees the section of the manuscript, that Tim came up with and gives his critiques and inputs. Shawn sometimes even asks Tim to change complete sections of his manuscript. One can’t help but feel bad for Tim, but he is a brave guy who takes all the critiques and despite all his resistances and a busy schedule he shows up every week with progress.

These interactions between Shawn and Tim are invaluable. Shawn has edited hundreds of books that went on to be bestsellers, including Stephen Pressfield’s work, who is also his business partner. The experience and knowledge that Shawn brings to the podcast is stellar. His analysis of the subtle nuances of the manuscript, informs the listeners about the mistakes they might be committing, listener slowly and steadily understands what it takes to write a good novel.

There is also a website and a book, by the same name. You can find all the resource of the StoryGrid methodology on the website without any paid subscription. The book is a consolidated resource of the complete methodology. In whichever medium you like, you must give StoryGrid a shot.

Storygrid Foolscape Page and StoryGrid Spreadsheet simplify the process of planning a novel, and there are many more resources for you in the StoryGrid.

Not every writer has the finance to hire an expensive editor nor can editors learn the craft of editing easily. Storygrid is a blessing for both writer and editor. Even if you are a published author StoryGrid will improve your work further.

This is no sponsored post, I write it out of great admiration for StoryGrid. Tell me if you are writing a novel, have you heard or used StoryGrid?

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