Harry Potter was intended for an audience of 12 and above. No doubt people above the age bracket read it too, but here we will discuss it from 12+ perspective. The most lovable character of Harry Potter is, Hagrid. Hagrid the unkempt. Hagrid the kid. Hagrid the animal lover. The best character ever.

Reasons why Hagrid is loved by everyone:

Hagrid is a kid:

Hagrid might the son of a giant, but this giant is a child. Harry and his friends easily outwit him several times. The juxtaposition between the size and the brain of Hagrid makes him even more endearing to the intended audience. He is like a muscular friend, the kids always want, for protection against the bullies.

Hagrid is innocent:

Intentionally or unintentionally he always ended giving up confidential information to the trio, he can not keep anything a secret. Whenever they were stuck in something, they would turn to hagrid, for he always had the answers.

Hagrid knows everything.

Hagrid has an accent:

He as ol’ dat amazin’ accent, ae. It just set him apart from the crowd. No pretentions, he speaks the way he does and he lets people think what they want because he is not ashamed o’ himself.

Which makes him the coolest dude in Hogwarts.

Hagrid is a great friend:

No matter who you are, be it harry or Aragog the Acromantula, Hagrid takes care of you he is the best friend to have around. When in need you can turn to him and know he will always be there for you.

Harry, Hermione and Ron loved Hagrid the most.

Hagrid cares for everyone.

When you need a hug, Hagrid is the man:

He is like a kid’s giant teddy bear. Just wrap your arms around him, close your eyes and press your head against him, see the worries go away.

Hagrid is cushiony.

Hagrid gets Sentimental:

He might be a giant, but if he is in pain he cries. When he delivered Harry or when Buckbeak was sentenced be executed or a misunderstanding with Madame Olympe Maxime, tears the size of chicken eggs fell down his cheeks. He is emotional, he is human.

Aww, we all adore the crying giant.

He loves amazing creatures:

Hagrid loves to have amazing creatures around him, from Dragon eggs to Blast ended Skrewts to Hippogriffs. He even is friends with centaurs and giant spiders, how cool is that.

Hagrid stays surrounded by amazing creatures.

Dumbledore trusts hagrid:

I would trust Hagrid with my life.


Now does a character need more validation? He is trusted by Dumbledore, the Dumbledore himself.

I see no reason, not to like Hagrid.

Hagrid requires no fashion sense:

Now that’s fabulous, no worries about what to wear today. He needs no fashion sense, he carries himself with confidence in whatever he wears.

Hagrid has a swagger.

I am what I am, an’ I’m not ashamed. ‘Never be ashamed,’ my ol’ dad used ter say, ‘there’s some who’ll hold it against you, but they’re not worth botherin’ with.’


Hagrid is awesome and I wish he was my friend.

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