Writing can be frightful. Dreaded by most, I too dreaded it. Fear of writing may cause you much stress, but you can break the shackles of your resistance by implementing this simple technique.

This technique has often been talked about by writers. Many writers practice it, I too found it doable and implemented it. The results were amazing.

To make writing simple, you must break your writing goal into the simplest doable task per day. In no time you will start seeing results.

Write 500 words every day.

Do not think about editing while you go or writing beautiful proses, that people will go gaga over. All you need to do is to write 500 words every day, the grammar doesn’t matter, the spellings can go to hell. In fact, I say, enjoy not caring about the mistakes, you can always edit afterward, no-ones going to look at your first draft, so relax. Just write 500 words every day, I can’t stress it enough.

It’s the simplest target that you can aim for. Over the course of time, it will add up to a considerable amount of work.

Do the math. 500 words a day for five and a half months, you will end up with more than 80,000 words manuscript, which is about 230 pages of a novel.

Again, just five and a half months, more than 80,000 words and you will be the happiest person on the planet.

And the daily practice will make you a far better writer than you are at the beginning of this simple routine.

500 words are short enough that you can usually find time to do it daily, and it’s long enough that if you stick to a schedule, you’ll have something substantial in no time.

-Jeff Goins

Hope that you will get into this simple practice and sooner than later, you will become a great writer

The satisfaction that you get at the completion of the target every day is invaluable.

Remember, just 500 words.

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