How to overcome the fear of criticism.

You have just started writing and it is a difficult exercise, even more, difficult is to get people to like your work and then there’s that dreaded criticism. In order to escape criticism, you might be committing a mistake, which is, you are writing for the claps, the likes, the comments.

Sure you should write for the people, but if you have fallen into this trap on pleasing them, then you need to change your strategy. Sure relatability is important, but authenticity should not be lost in the process.

Learning the craft of writing is like a big block of marble which you need to chip off piece by piece to create the writer. But you need to steal the writer out of her comfy abode and make her do the work she dreads the most, which is writing.

Even if you sit back and do nothing, you will be judged anyways. So, why not write.

The reason why you should not care much about criticism:

1. People are critical, no matter what:

People will always say what they have to say and they will stop at nothing. You have made the decision to write and anyone’s personal opinion must not matter, as long as you are working hard for your craft.

Constructive criticism must be paid heed to, it’s good for you and your growth, but detrimental criticism does not deserve your attention.

Write because they don’t matter.

2. You are the only one:

You have a voice, you are unique, you are you, the only one there can ever be. People may criticize it, but they can’t take it away from you. Your individuality is the only element that would set you apart from the pool of writers. Writing to please people will eventually kill the individual in you.

Write with your heart.

3. You can do what they can’t:

The fact is that you put hard work into writing, you have written it, you did the work, and they did not. That page, that book, that article, that blog post whatever you write is there for the world to read.

Critics have nothing but criticism, they can’t do what you do, except hide their incompetency behind the veil of criticism.

Write that post because you can.

4. Own your space:

Wherever you write, wherever you publish, it is your sacred space, it belongs to you and no-one has the right to steal it from you. You may not be perfect, but publishing your idea will give you the confidence, to serve more and better.

Be carefree, write and publish.

5. Your ideas are fresh:

Doing it the way people want it to be will spoil your voice. It will be the death of creativity, your writing will become banal. It is you that must resonate in the work? You are unique, no one looks at the world the way you do. It is important you enrich the world with your vision.

Write because you are different.

6. Keep at it and people will find you:

Your true audience will relate to your voice.

Those who don’t will go and it is better that way. They have the right to be critical of you and your best is not for them.

Write because your audience needs you.

7. You have the guts:

You have taken up a difficult craft, not many manage to get past their fear and you are going to take the step to be what you wanted to be. So,

Write because you are brave.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. –George Addair

Keep writing.

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