Continued from Chapter 2…

Plants grew on the roof gridded by cracks, a part of the roof had caved in. They walked over to the edge.

What Meeraj, saw mesmerized him. He saw chaos, but of a beautiful myriad of colors. Great big masks hung in the air. Thousands of people on the street wearing the masks roamed the streets and there was a celebration, drinking, immodesty, people were dancing, kids were playing, this world was crazy.

Meeraj wanted to be down on the street, be a part of the celebration, wear a crazy mask and dance to the music and drum beats. He was so enraptured by the lively scene that he failed to understand Del’s anger, ” You not liking it?” Del was grimacing and cursing, his abuses died in the great clamor of the street.

Boom! A cracker went off, on the street. Meeraj quickly turned to the source below, his eyes focused on the man with the crackers and lighter in hand.

” This is not the time!” said Del, pulling Meeraj back down the edge, he had unwittingly climbed. Meeraj was ready to jump for his target.

” ‘Annihilation’ activated! Target engaged” said Meeraj, but he was pulled down—mid jump— he landed with a thud onto the roof. Loss of focus, from the target, caused the disengagement of ‘Annihilation’. Meeraj was confused, “What just happened?”

” Something, which you are made for.”

” Why would I jump off the roof, what’s going on with me?”

“Your defense mechanism, you need to learn more, to stabilize it. It can engage automatically on the perception of threat. We must start your training before you end up killing us both,” said Del. “Let’s first move to the other side?”

On the other side what Meeraj saw shook him to the core, a totally different world where all the excitement had been sucked out. No celebrations, no colors, no happiness; just dead silence. Shanties stacked one on top of the other, like a pack of precariously balanced cards; ready to fall. Heaps of waste and scrawny children hunting for food in the filth. A dog trying to bite a crying scared old man and people passing by engrossed in their own problems. There was no happiness, this part of the city was grey.

The people wore tattered clothes, none of the affluence on the other side had an ounce of a trickle into this part of the city. There was poverty everywhere. “What happened here?”

“We were denied… everything,” said Del. “While they celebrate, our brethren here rots in slime and filth.

“Our people are more dead than alive. My lit… little Areena, she died of hunger. The Pisachan,” said Del, pointing to the other end, ” have denied us life and we will take it back from them.”

Meeraj looked down at the street, the dog had torn a bite out of the old man and he was howling in pain as a few people with little conscience shooed the dog away and carried the old man to safety. Meeraj closed his eyes.


The next few days were followed by harsh training regime. Meeraj practiced controlling his senses. His vision was telescopic like a hawk; he could hear people miles away and just by touching the ground he could sense the movement of hundreds of people near, even the movement of mouses and insects; nothing around him escaped his attention.

“The target,” said Del. “Is Mordum Philleik.

“Evading security will not be easy. Mordum will be surrounded by a high-tech surveillance team. Your predecessors did not manage to go past the first few layers of the security, but the last layer was impossible to breach. They were killed before they could get anywhere close. The highest concentration of tier four elite bodyguards is near him—”

” If so many people failed to breach it, then, what makes you think, I can,”

” You are the most advanced version of SEH I have ever developed. The technology that you support was procured from the Laboratory of Advanced Weapons and Laser Enabled Systems.”

“But what will I do after I breach the last tier of the security,” asked Meeraj.

“You won’t need to do anything, the desired program will be triggered automatically.”

A loud noise from the street interrupted their conversation, Del and Meeraj peeked down from the gap in the wall, a Pisachan with a long stick was assaulting a Doncan.

” Thief! You stealing rat,” said a Pisachan, while his stick struck a Doncun wildly. Doncun just flinched and contracted on being hit. He was wincing with pain, but not a word escaped the mouth of the Doncun. “Why does he say nothing.” Meeraj realized the Doncum was dumb, he couldn’t even plead in defense, as he was assaulted.

Meeraj lit up spontaneously. Before Del could realize what was happening Meeraj was raging with fire.

To be continued…

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