Long ago, the world was a very different place, surrounded by darkness; and in this darkness ruled a mighty dragon called Kuraaj. This mighty dragon liked burning anything he saw; trees, walls, stones, grass, glass, bricks, insects, leaves or absolutely anything. So, monomaniacal was his desire to burn, that he burnt down cities, towns, capitals, countries― he did not know how to stop; so everything was set ablaze.

One day the incendiary Dragon blew apart a whole city. He destroyed everything, burnt everything to the ground. Night came, he was tired from the labors of the day, so he cleared some rubble with his tail and lay down to sleep in the burning ruins of the city castle. He looked up into the sky, stars twinkled, his mother Kuraajanani had taught him they were the immortal reflections of his ancestor’s destruction upon other  worlds, Kuraaj smiled at the comforting sight.

The destruction’s of the day had been satisfactory, he wished the top of the castle had gone down in one blow; but, nevertheless it was a good day. He gave a gentle pat on his back with his blazing red hooked tail. He was drowsy, his eyes were heavy and they would close soon; the dreams, his fantastic dreams, will come to him, he smirked, he was at peaceee..ee…..

Boom! A loud bang woke the dragon up, followed other explosions. Startled, he looked around for the source of the fireworks, who dared to wake  him up from his sleep.


A few miles away from the blasted castle was a village , surrounded by great big trees and farms. The merry folks of the village were celebrating the day of lord of fire, for he cooks their food and provide light in the undying nights. As was customary the people were celebrating with fireworks and light, inviting the lord of fire to dance among them, they were happy, they had plenty, nothing could dampen their spirits.

Outside the village sat a mad man. His deep set piercings fierce eyes scared the villagers, so they kept away. ‘Fools, the lord of fire has not yet come. You worship false gods’, shouted the mad man to the people; but they paid not heed.

The celebrations were at full force, men and women were dancing , children enjoyed sweets, meals were being served, but all came to a stand still, when an angry terrifying ugly scream of some creature from a distance. A great ball of fire landed on the celebratory fire with a great force that ricocheted the burning logs in all directions. Village folks ran. Then the dragon arrived, he swooped over the celebration ground, went to the village end and swooped back in for another round of destruction. ‘How dare these people wake me from my sleep, I will burn everything.” Kuraaj said.

People shrieked , shouted, fainted, hid down the well; they were terrified and dread himself flew over them spewing fire.

Dragon wreaked havoc till the whole village was deserted off people, they had left the village, everything was destroyed. Kuraaj was satisfied he could now finally sleep. He flew down to the deserted village square lay down, and closed his eyes, to finally sleep.

Just as Kuraaj was about to close his eyes, ‘Hey! Don’t you sleep, fire lizard, we have some flying to do’ someone said. Kuraaj was startled, it was the first time a mortal had come near him, even the gods were scared of him, then who was this man who poked Kuraaj.

The man walked towards Kuraaj, but he flew away in his confusion and hid in his cave, for he did not know how to react. Out of curiosity, Kuraaj came back next day to have a look at this peculiar inflammable son of a human. Kuraaj hid behind the wall, of a broken house, but his long tail spread across the street and the mad man seeing it came running to see him. Kuraaj yet again flew of fright.

Then one day Kuraaj mustered enough courage to stay at let the man near, even though he was jittery all over while the man inspected his scales and spikes. The mad man stroked Kuraaj’s back and then suddenly hopped onto his back, sending Kuraaj into a wild frenzy. He rolled, he stomped he filled the air with his blazing brilliant fire, but the Mad man clung strong and flew off with Kuraaj.

Far they went into the sky above the clouds, way high. It is said, from that day to this the mad man flies his Dragon high every dawn and returns at dusk to let Kuraaj sleep through the night.

by Agastya